Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Hello readers!

I just wanted to take a second to remind you that (unless you live in Florida or Hawaii or Australia or some such place) it’s ridiculously cold outside.

If you have pets, please don’t leave them outside. Fur can only do so much against weather like this.

If there are stray pets in your area, consider making them a wind-resistant shelter. Even just some hay in a cardboard box can save a furry life.

If you can, let strays camp out in your garage or barn. Or take them to a no-kill shelter.

For more info check out Salem Friends of Felines (

Assassin approves this message.

Assassin approves this message.


About ckmyles

I'm a laid-back, scatterbrained, crafty, Solitary Wiccan who would rather be outside than at the computer. I spend most days buried under a pile of beads and jewelry wire, covered in paint, or trying to get wax out of the carpet. I live in beautiful Salem, Oregon, with my Husband and Assassin the cat. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online at ! Blessed be.

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  1. Great advice and beautiful kitty.

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