We Are Seeds.

"What didn't you do to bury me, But you forgot that I was a seed." -Dinos Christianpoulos-

Sometimes crap is piled on us. The universe, in its infinite wisdom and with its twisted sense of humor, sees fit to dump on us from all sides and from every possible angle.

But we are all seeds.

And we are always growing.

And no amount of dirt or crap or concrete can keep us from reaching toward the light.



So suck on that, universe.




About ckmyles

I'm a laid-back, scatterbrained, crafty, Solitary Wiccan who would rather be outside than at the computer. I spend most days buried under a pile of beads and jewelry wire, covered in paint, or trying to get wax out of the carpet. I live in beautiful Salem, Oregon, with my Husband and Assassin the cat. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online at CandlesAndHerbs.com ! Blessed be.

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