About Ck

I’ve always kind of wondered who bothers to read the “About Me” section on blogs. Let’s be honest, it’s rarely the most exciting part. I’m usually more interested in scrolling through the funny stories, exciting recipes, or ridiculous pictures.

But I guess that some people, somewhere, must be curious about who is penning their favorite pages.

So here we are.

I’m a newly unemployed (by choice, damn it!), stay at home wife who lives in the not-so-sunny land of Oregon. I currently share a two bedroom apartment with the Husband and Assassin – my cat who seems to think I exist just to do her bidding.

I enjoy cooking, writing, and getting lost on country roads. I also enjoy using copious amounts of profanity, but my Mom always told me that swearing makes you look like you have a limited vocabulary. So I’ll try to avoid that here.

Things I do not enjoy include : explaining why I can’t “find a real job”, scooping the litter box, not being able to eat cheese anymore, and stubbing my toe on the coffee table (which has been happening more and more of late).

  1. I love your cat’s name. Assassin…very cute.

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