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The last five months in pictures.

Since I last posted…


The Husband and I have moved from the old apartment into our new house.


Of course, Assassin loves having more room to run around.


Making the house feel like our home has taken lots of work and elbow grease. One of my favorite changes was definitely replacing this nonfunctional pellet stove with one of my favorite cabinets.


I've been spending plenty of time with the family.


And extra time with my new baby nephew. Isn't he just stinkin adorable?!


Of course, this goof is always around to keep me entertained.


Lately, I've been hard at work creating new inventory for the c&h Etsy shop.


And preparing for my first craft fair with the Salem Etsy Team (which is Dec 12th at the Salem Armory, fyi).

I’ll see you next time.



On Life, The Universe, And Everything

Hey there, readers!

Thanks for sticking with me, even though I’ve been super lame lately.

While I’m going to honestly try my best to get back on track, here, I may continue to be lame for a little while. I promise to try my best to write a minimum of two posts a week – hopefully I’ll be back up to five before we know it.

Tell me what your favorite topics are (in the comments of this post), and I’ll make sure they don’t fall by the wayside.

Also, here’s a picture of Assassin being adorable … just ’cause.

sas (c&h)


On Posts And Such

Hey there, readers.
Sorry I’ve been slacking this week – I’ve been a bit preoccupied.
I guess the main reason is that a friggin’ mob of fleas somehow managed to camp out INSIDE the sofa, so it’s been all out war here.
But don’t worry! Three new posts are coming tomorrow (hopefully!) to make up for my lameness.
Hope you’re all having a better week than me and my poor fleabitten cat (the Husband is totally unimpressed by the fleas, btw. In all this time, he’s never once been bitten, and he thought they were a figment of my imagination at first).

An Update On The Myles Household

Yesterday was Flea-pocalypse 2013 in the Myles house.

Assassin and I spent the whole day over at the Sister’s house, while our house was being slowly filled with poison.

It was an extreme approach (which the Husband really wanted to avoid), but it seems to have actually worked! So far, I haven’t seen any signs of those damn parasites, I have no new bites, and Assassin seems so much happier.

She hasn’t been sleeping in the bed since the fleas started getting really bad, but last night she shared the Husband’s pillow. I didn’t realize how depressed Assassin had been until today when she was a million times better. She hopped all over, causing mischief earlier and is laying on my keyboard right now.


Assassin toes – she kept trying to be involved with the photo shoot this morning.

In other news, several more people have followed the blog in the last couple weeks. So welcome, New Readers! Thanks for stopping by!

I hope everyone has an awesome (solar) New Year’s Eve, tonight!


Ugh, Fleas (Round 2)

That’s right, friends. In spite of our best efforts we still have FLEAS! Ugh.

Tomorrow, Assassin gets more Advantage, and the house itself gets bombed.

It’s all out war.

I’m thinking good thoughts about this, because if I wake up Tuesday and see more little specks leaping around, I just might lose it…

Anyway, ‘Sassin and I will be camping out at the Sister’s house tomorrow, so I may not get to post until late.

Hope you guys all had a better weekend than the Myles household.


Friday, December 13th

Hello readers!

You’ve probably heard that black cats are unlucky, especially on Friday the 13th.

But would you believe that this superstition actually makes it hard for shelters to find homes for black kitties?

What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that an awful lot of cats are looking for homes. But it also means that many shelters lower the adoption fees on black cats and kittens.

So you can get your own awsome Ninja Kitty at a discount!


Help a black kitty (or any homeless animal, really) find a forever home this Friday the 13th.

For a list of No-Kill Shelters in your area, check out

And if you live in Salem, check out Friends Of Felines. They’re doing their low-cost vaccines tomorrow (Sat 12/14) by the way, so take your kitty down to get boosters on the cheap!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Hello readers!

I just wanted to take a second to remind you that (unless you live in Florida or Hawaii or Australia or some such place) it’s ridiculously cold outside.

If you have pets, please don’t leave them outside. Fur can only do so much against weather like this.

If there are stray pets in your area, consider making them a wind-resistant shelter. Even just some hay in a cardboard box can save a furry life.

If you can, let strays camp out in your garage or barn. Or take them to a no-kill shelter.

For more info check out Salem Friends of Felines (

Assassin approves this message.

Assassin approves this message.

Ugh. Fleas.

Hello readers.

Sorry I dropped the ball today, new-post-wise.

Despite it being 35 degrees outside, Assassin somehow managed to get fleas! The Husband and I had to spend the entire day applying Advantage, sweeping the carpets, doing tons of laundry, and generally freaking out.

Anyway, check back tomorrow for an actual post with actual things in it.


Ps, hello to all my new readers! Sorry your the first thing you read was about my infested cat. Enjoy your evening.

On An Unrelated Note …

A couple people have asked me where I get the photos used on this blog.

Unless otherwise noted, basically every image on this site is mine. I photographed it, drew it, carved it, or whatever.

So, if you’d like to use one of these images somewhere, that’s probably cool. Just let me know and credit CandlesAndHerbs. Otherwise, I might get confused when I see it on your page. I might even send you an email expressing such confusion, possibly with a few profanities.

On an more awesome subject, welcome to all my new readers! Thanks for stopping by!

Now, everyone, take a second to go check out the admittedly-slightly-less-awesome-than-the-blog Facebook page.

I’m thinking that if I can get 30 likes by Yule, I’ll do an awesome giveaway.


If she had thumbs, Assassin would like the Facebook page.


Living With Assassin (Vol 1)

I woke up this morning and realized how much my life has changed since bringing Assassin into the house.

See, Assassin only came to live with us a few months ago. Before that, she had a complicated life.

My Brother-In-Law first got her and her sister Little Demon when they were kittens. He lived on a farm and decided it was high time to get some rodent control. He told me that he picked Little Demon from the litter of potentials because she was fighting with all the other cats, and he picked Assassin because she “looked cool”.

For years, Assassin lived happily on the farm with three other cats, ducks, goats and the occasional dog. While Little Demon lived up to her name by being generally destructive, Assassin lived up to her name by slaughtering all manner of small animal. She brutally murdered birds, mice, bats, snakes and moles. Nothing was safe from her skilled claws.

Despite her serial killing ways, Assassin has always been the sweetest cat imaginable. She wants nothing more than to be carried around the house all day in your arms. If you do manage to annoy her (the Roommate tends to do this by calling her fat and poking at her rolls), she may give you a love bite. She’ll never break the skin, and her claws are never extended.

Not that I’m biased, or anything, but she’s also a genius. She “talks” more than any cat I’ve ever met, always greeting you with a “mrrrrrow?” and answering your questions with a “rrrrrrrrr”. She also has a completely judgmental look that she apparently saves for my dancing.

Anyway, when the Bro-In-Law and the Sister decided that they should move to the city (if you can call Salem a city) and start a family, Assassin came with them as an indoor cat.

She lived that way for awhile until she scratched the Nephew, and then she went to live with the Brother (#2). When he eventually moved, Assassin was passed around again. After a few foster homes failed, she landed on my doorstep.

At first the Husband was doubtful. He’d had a bad experience with cats in his previous apartment, and was wary of having one in ours.

Luckily, the cat in question was Assassin.

Now, BC (before cat) I would wake up in the morning, turn off my alarm, roll over, and sleep in a little longer.

Now, I wake up…


(Finally, you’re alive. Feed me.)

…roll over, and try to fall back asleep. It’s no easy thing, though, when you’re faced with this.

assassin edit 2

(No, seriously. Feed me.)

I eventually stumble out of bed, feed the cat, shower and sit down to write.

And then this happens…


(You writing? I’ll keep you company.)


(Hang on, just let me get comfortable.)


(There we go.)

assassin edit 3


After awhile, I’ll get so frustrated that I’ll start on other chores. Like clipping coupons.


(You saw the one for kitty treats, right?)

Eventually, I’ll go out to do some errands, or escape, or whatever. But as soon as I come home and sit down…

assassin edit

(You’ve been gone for three hours and seventeen minutes. Better make up for lost petting time.)

She follows me around all day until eventually the Roommate and I settle down and watch a movie with the Semi-Roommate. Usually, this is some jump scare thriller revolving around supernatural mayhem. At this point, Assassin will get distracted by something invisible (read: GHOST!) and chase it around the house for ten minutes.

When I try to use her as a kitty-shield, however…


(Go away, I’m busy watching a soda can roll across the parking lot.)

Now paranoid that a ghost is coming for me, I’ll settle in for some more writing.


(It’d be so much easier to get comfortable if you didn’t keep moving your arms, ya know.)

Somewhere around 2am, I decide it’s time for bed. If she hasn’t already scurried off to the Roommate’s room, Assassin will join me.


(Best pillow ever.)

She’ll sleep in the weirdest positions imaginable (like on my shoulders) for the full night. I’ve heard a rumor that cats get up in the middle of the night and run around.

Not Assassin.

She lays on the bed like a slug for a solid eight hours. And when you wake up in the morning…


(Finally. Feed me.)

…she’s ready to start all over.