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Let’s Talk About Herbs : Cypress


Cypress is sometimes known as the Tree of Death. That sounds creepy, but actually the name refers to an old custom of placing a cypress branch into graves to bless the deceased in the afterlife.

Keeping cypress branches in your house, or planting the trees on your property is thought to protect and bless a home.

Adding cypress boughs to bouquets at funerals is believed to ease grief and bring peace to loved ones.



Let’s Talk About Herbs : Cloves

cloves (c&h)

Cloves are great to have around the house. Not only do they smell amazing, but they can help out in times of trouble.

The smell of cloves (hung up or burned as incense) is supposed to drive away hostile energy, purify a room, and attract riches.

Carrying cloves is thought to bring comfort to the bereaved.