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Let’s Talk About Stones: Fancy Jasper


This stone is great for grounding and meditation, as it’s thought to bring a sense of wholeness to the bearer.

Fancy Jasper is sometimes referred to as “the rain bringer”. Some believe that rubbing the stone brings a healing, cleansing rain.

This type of Jasper comes in a variety of colors and often has beautiful swirls inside.



Let’s Talk About Stones : Serpentine

Serpentine (c&h)

Serpentine is also known as New Jade.

This stone helps to balance emotions and smooth turmoil. It’s thought to assist meditation, especially when meditating on finding inner peace.

Serpentine is also a protective stone. It’s supposed to ward against disease and poisonous creatures.

Plus, holding Serpentine against your skin is thought to help with stomach pain, cramps, and indigestion.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Blue Aragonite

blue aragonite (c&h)

Blue Aragonite is a powerful communication stone.

It’s thought to strengthen empathy and compassion, while opening up the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras. All of this means that open, honest communication comes a little easier.

Because of this, Blue Aragonite is often used to enhance meditation and spiritual healing. Many Divination Specialists (Psychics, Tarot readers, etc) keep Aragonite nearby to help them give more effective readings.

Blue Aragonite is also thought to bring peace and relieve stress.


Wiccan Wednesday : (Sorry, It’s Actually Friday, But Let’s Talk About) Grounding And Meditation


I mention grounding and meditation a lot on this little blog. That’s because, for many Wiccans, these practices are an everyday thing.

Now, personally, I usually only meditate once a week or so (mostly because I just can’t sit still that long), but I do ground myself on the daily. Grounding is one of those things that is easy to personalize and simplify. So it’s possible to ground yourself in a matter of minutes, verses the hour or so I feel I need for a good mediation.

So what’s the difference between grounding and meditation? Grounding is basically finding your spiritual center – that calm state of mind where you feel peaceful. Meditation is when you use that calm state of mind to think over your issues.

Most people combine the two, but really they’re separate – since you can ground without meditating.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different ways to ground yourself and meditate (seriously, Google it sometime). Luckily, there’s really no wrong way to do either – so try a few out and see what works best for you.

Basically, the goal of grounding is to feel calm, peaceful, centered.

The goal of meditation is a little different. Generally when people meditate, they’re seeking wisdom on a specific topic. People often meditate on an idea, a feeling, or a problem.

Stones and incenses are great for meditation because they can help keep you focused on the issue at hand. For example, if your problem is of an emotional nature, you may meditate while holding Rose Quartz. If you’re meditating to find wisdom, burning sage incense can help direct your thoughts.

Don’t worry if you struggle with grounding and meditation at first – it can take time to find a method that works for you.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz is a beautiful stone. It’s bright and clear, like Clear Quartz, but often has grey impurities swirling beneath the surface.

This stone is perfect for meditation because it absorbs energy, and can be used to direct it. It also dissolves negative energy, leaving you with a fresh state of mind.

Smokey Quartz is also a great healing stone. It’s thought to help regulate internal fluids, help with congestion, and relieve depression.