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The Best Laid Plans …

Two months later, here I am again.

In those two months, I’ve spent my time searching for a house, obtaining and recovering from yet another illness that baffles medical professionals, and writing … but not on this blog, apparently.

The Husband and I have been house hunting off an on for the last few years. A couple of months ago, though, the search began in earnest. Our apartment neighbors have become outrageously loud, and my hatred of the laundromat has only grown lately. So, we decided it was time to get serious and look for a home without shared walls.

And oh, lord, has it been a journey. We stumbled across a Realtor when we stumbled across a house we wanted to see. That Realtor passed off to a fellow in his office who then proceeded to make our lives miserable. This guy was very friendly and likable, but terrible at his actual job. He was happy to show us any house I requested, which was fantastic. Unfortunately, he didn’t do any research on the house before we crossed the threshold. This led to us spending a lot of time in houses which were either not compatible with our loan, or already had a sale pending. Honestly.

Finally, we abandoned him and are now working with a very sweet, very competent lady who has a knack for pointing out potential money pits in the homes she shows us. Just today, we were hanging out in a basement of a cute little house (which unfortunately has a kitchen smaller than the one in my apartment). She turned to me and said “This stuff by the window is excrement from wood dwelling insects. I think this house has carpenter ants.”

And so, the search continues.

Hopefully, we’ll eventually end up in a cute little house with room for an herb garden and I’ll be able to post a million pictures a day of my basil and rosemary.

In the meantime, though, I’ll be lucky if I can crank out a Wiccan Wednesday post once in awhile.


"Quiet Neighbors"  This is what I need, I think! (Image from

“Quiet Neighbors”
This is what I need, I think!
(Image from