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Let’s Talk About Stones: Fancy Jasper


This stone is great for grounding and meditation, as it’s thought to bring a sense of wholeness to the bearer.

Fancy Jasper is sometimes referred to as “the rain bringer”. Some believe that rubbing the stone brings a healing, cleansing rain.

This type of Jasper comes in a variety of colors and often has beautiful swirls inside.



Let’s Talk About Stones : Serpentine

Serpentine (c&h)

Serpentine is also known as New Jade.

This stone helps to balance emotions and smooth turmoil. It’s thought to assist meditation, especially when meditating on finding inner peace.

Serpentine is also a protective stone. It’s supposed to ward against disease and poisonous creatures.

Plus, holding Serpentine against your skin is thought to help with stomach pain, cramps, and indigestion.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Blue Aragonite

blue aragonite (c&h)

Blue Aragonite is a powerful communication stone.

It’s thought to strengthen empathy and compassion, while opening up the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras. All of this means that open, honest communication comes a little easier.

Because of this, Blue Aragonite is often used to enhance meditation and spiritual healing. Many Divination Specialists (Psychics, Tarot readers, etc) keep Aragonite nearby to help them give more effective readings.

Blue Aragonite is also thought to bring peace and relieve stress.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz is a beautiful stone. It’s bright and clear, like Clear Quartz, but often has grey impurities swirling beneath the surface.

This stone is perfect for meditation because it absorbs energy, and can be used to direct it. It also dissolves negative energy, leaving you with a fresh state of mind.

Smokey Quartz is also a great healing stone. It’s thought to help regulate internal fluids, help with congestion, and relieve depression.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Aventurine


Aventurine is a great stone to wear everyday.

Not only does it attract luck, but it improves motivation and increases opportunity.

This stone is also an emotional healer. It soothes and balances, while protecting against physical injury.

It is associated with the heart Chakra, which makes it great for meditating on emotional issues. It also helps the person who carries it to have an open and loving heart.

Aventurine is also thought to help improve eyesight – which is always awesome, especially when you spend half of your day squinting at a computer screen.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Turquenite


Turquenite is actually Howlite which has been dyed blue to resemble Turquoise.

Like Howlite, Turquenite is thought to bring peace and relieve stress. It helps to ease insomnia, decrease selfishness, and increase tact.

Keeping this stone in your pocket supposedly not only helps to diminish your own anger and hostility, but also deflects the negativity of others.

Turquenite also brightens creativity, so keep it in your work space – if nothing else, it looks cool.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Obsidian


Black Obsidian is the ultimate protection stone.

Pretty much any way you use it, Obsidian is watching your back. You can bury this stone around your house, add it to a sachet, wear it as jewelry, or pile it around white candles. In any situation, Obsidian will help to ground you while it absorbs negative energy.

Obsidian is also one of the stones traditionally used to make scrying mirrors. These polished black surfaces are often used for divination, and are thought to help psychics visualize better.

Personally, I’d rather have my Obsidian hanging around the house in chips than in polished mirrors – scrying mirrors freak me right out.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Carnelian


Carnelian is a great stone to have in your collection. It’s used for protection, healing, courage, and peace.

Keeping Carnelian with your other stones helps to cleanse them of negative energy.

Wearing this stone apparently does wonders. It helps to dispel anger and envy, while encouraging strength and eloquence.

Carnelian is also thought to help with back pain, arthritis, and impotence…so there’s that, too.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Pearl


Pearls are a symbol of water and feminism, often associated with the moon and the Goddess.

They’re often used for cleansing, emotional healing, and establishing balance in relationships.

Also, wearing pearls is thought to enhance a woman’s femininity … which might be why Donna Reed was so into them.


Let’s Talk About Stones : Amazonite


Amazonite is sometimes called the “Hope Stone”, because it is believed to bring peace and an optimistic view.

It is also used to open the heart and throat chakras, allowing for more open communication (especially about emotions).

Amazonite, similar to Rose Quartz, is also used to heal emotional hurts. The difference is that Rose Quartz helps you to find peace within yourself, while Amazonite helps to heal the lines of communication with the person who may have hurt you.

Finally, this stone is thought to be a great deflector of “electromagnetic smog”. One source even recommends taping Amazonite to your cellphone to keep the electromagnetic waves from doing physical harm.

I’m going to go ahead and not encourage that, though. There’s basically no un-ridiculous way to tape a stone to your smartphone. You’re going to look silly, and the Amazonite will probably scratch up your screen. Just sayin’.