Q:  What does FAQ stand for?

A: Seriously, it took me about two years to figure out that it stood for “Frequently Asked Questions”. Don’t judge me.


Q: What is Wicca?

A: Simply put, Wicca is a nature-based religion. It focuses on living harmoniously with the earth, respecting others, and doing things that make you happy.


Q: So, Wiccans worship the devil, right?

A: False. Wiccans don’t believe in hell, so we don’t believe in the devil.


Q: But they cast spells on unsuspecting townsfolk, right? I’ve seen “The Crucible”! I know how it works!

A: Woah, now. Calm yourself, questioner. The biggest rule in Wicca is “harm none”, so the chance of being hexed is pretty low. Additionally, unless asked, a good Wiccan will never interfere with someone else’s life. It’s just rude.


Q: So what are Wiccans doing while they’re sitting in those circles?

A: I grew up Christian (basically), so the best way I know how to explain it is by comparing Wicca to Christianity. When a Wiccan casts a circle, that’s like walking into church. The circle is just a physical representation of a spiritual place. When a Wiccan works a spell, that’s their form of prayer. Anything used in the spell (herbs, oils, colors, etc) represent things that are needed in that situation.


Q: So Wiccans kill cows and cats for spells, right?

A: No, dude. Don’t be weird. Wiccans respect all life, including cats and toads and even spiders (Though, if I’m honest, I have a hard time respecting spiders when they’re crawling around my kitchen. Luckily, the Husband has no fear of creepy critters, and is always around to escort them outside).


Q: What is a Solitary Wiccan?

A: Some Wiccans want to hang out with their friends on Holidays. When you party with a group of people, that group is called a Coven. If you prefer to just do your own thing, and aren’t part of a coven, you’re called a Solitary Wiccan.


Q: CK, how did you get so awesome?

A: I don’t know, questioner. I just don’t know.



If you have any other questions, send them my way. If they’re asked frequently enough, I’ll add them to this page.

(Because it’s the Frequently Asked Questions page, not the No One Ever Really Asks page. Duh.)

  1. Lol! I think it took me forever to before I realized what FAQ was, too.

  2. CK, how DID you get to be so awesome?!

    • Excellent question, dear reader. Top scientists are currently working toward an answer.
      At this time, their best guess is that I was simply born extra awesome.
      I’ll keep you posted.

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